Why the True AP System?

PROVEN.  The True AP management team has over 30 years of experience training athletes in northern Virginia and Maryland, and currently work with over 20 high school teams each off-season!  Many of these teams have worked with True AP for more than 5 years consistently because they know the program works.  The True AP Online Training System brings their expertise and unique approach to training directly to you no matter where your football team plays!

DETAILED.  True AP provides descriptions and main technique cues for every exercise, making sure that your coaching staff knows how to implement your speed and agility program and GET RESULTS!

CUTTING EDGE.  This training system uses the latest techniques and research to ensure that your coaches are teaching athletes the most efficient and effective way to improve overall athletic ability.  True AP President, Rob Rose, lectures around the country about performance training for athletes and is considered a leader in the industry because of his ability to consistently set the standard for training athletes.

COST EFFECTIVE.  The Level 1 Program Design only includes drills that use cones and bodyweight exercises.  Even without expensive equipment, these drills have been proven to deliver results quickly if the proper sets, reps, and rest from the program design are followed. 

EFFICIENT.  Every drill and exercise has been designed in a way that allows large amounts of athletes to participate with minimal time wasted.  Several webinars will show True AP working with large teams so that you can easily see how to implement your ideal program.  In addition to efficient drills and exercise, the entire program design is set up so that your team will see results right away!  And by providing advancements and modifications through webinar sessions and individualized consulting forums, we are positive your athletes will see the difference IMMEDIATELY!  

You definitely want to take advantage of these materials.  All client teams receive individual usernames/passwords for all their high school and middle school staffs as well as all the support they need for designing workouts, executing drills and question/answer from Coach Rob Rose and his team of certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (through the National Strength and Conditioning Association). Regular teaching webinars and conference calls allow you to stay up to date with the safest and most effecient exercise methods for football players at any level. All this is available for a lot less of what it would cost to hire an on-site team trainer, so take advantage of all this value and pay it any way you want to and receive your own individual TrueAP Exercise Manual today!